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Accelerator Introduction and Overview

For many companies, software development struggles to keep up with business needs. This 3-minute video provides a quick look at how Accelerator solves this challenge. Created in 2011, this video holds more true than ever.


In software development…
The top complaint is... software can’t keep up with the business environment.

That’s why you need software to help you get your business where it needs to be.

But your software engineers are spending too much time dealing with multiple technology issues... instead of delivering business solutions.

The development and delivery of key software applications isn’t keeping pace with your business…
And your business isn’t progressing as fast as it should.

That’s why productivity solutions for software engineers is such a good idea. But development tools are usually restrictive or incomplete.
The results you get are underwhelming.

Truth is… you need advanced automation that provides complete solutions.
Including… the ability to build mission critical enterprise applications, mobile applications, executive dashboards, web services, workflow, superior user experiences, and flexible cloud-enabled architecture.

In essence… you need a way to develop faster, better and with more capabilities.

With Accelerator from Surround Technologies… that’s exactly what you get.

With Accelerator, your developers can produce open, agile and robust n-tiered systems in days or weeks. Reducing development costs and producing applications users will love.

Let’s take a look at two scenarios:
Meet Ed and Bill, both CIOs—who need to build mission-critical applications for their companies.

Bill tried to build everything manually. He had good processes but his development team had so many issues that, in the end, his project turned out like seventy-percent of all software projects—it was late, over budget, and lacked needed functionality.

Meanwhile… Ed chose The Accelerator from Surround Technologies. With the Accelerator, Ed’s development team could focus on what’s most important—making better applications…and doing it faster. With more comprehensive functionality and agile architecture. With the Accelerator, Ed’s product exceeded expectations… all while staying under budget and within his business timelines. On top of that, Ed gained a methodology for better development—so he could continue to improve his operations as time went on.

With our Accelerator Technology and RAD-Three approach—Ed had built-in capabilities and reusability options to make development lean and efficient.

As a result—Ed was able to build better applications—for a larger variety of purposes—with built-in future-proofing—adding new functions and capabilities to keep his applications as relevant as they day they were developed.

Ed’s team not only produced more applications, but produced them better and faster than ever before.

For years, we’ve been helping companies like Ed’s—big and small—meet their goals.

With Accelerator from Surround Technologies, your applications can finally keep up with your business…so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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