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Who is Surround Technologies?

Surround Technologies accelerates the development of software that people love!

We provide the Strategies, People, Processes and Tools to help businesses grow and increase their bottom line by saving them time, money and resources with software development and digital transformation tools, custom technology solutions and consulting services.

With Surround’s solutions you will build software faster, with better quality and more robust functionality than you ever thought possible and all through low risk, short, agile and incremental releases. You'll minimize waste, eliminate limitations and lock-ins, and set up a culture of productivity and innovation with a "Get it done - results matter" philosophy. You'll become Software Superheroes!

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Are you ready to deliver software faster with better quality and more robust functionality. Our broad range of solutions and experience will accelerate your software development and establish a long term culture of productivity and innovation. Are you ready to reach Software Superhero Status?

Strategy and Discovery

Gain insight into your application portfolio and map a future direction for your business. 

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Software Development

From training and mentoring to complete turnkey solutions we can help you deliver better software faster.

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Digital Transformation

Revolutionize the way you transform and modernize your legacy systems. 

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Surround Technologies will work with you, and train you in the latest industry best practices and technology. Use our award winning software, add in our experienced developers where needed and accelerate your software business solutions today.
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