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Norfolk Iron and Metal Delivers Again with Accelerator

Norfolk Iron and Metal, one of the nations largest carbon steel providers used Surround Technologies Accelerator to deploy a new Purchase Order Interface with no coding necessary. They were able to get up and running with no downtime and the application is completely maintained in house. NIM's next project was a huge step to modernizing and revamping their entire production floor. Moving away from green screens to a touch sensitive, user-friendly interface that all machine operators welcomed with rave reviews.

The new UI provided increased functionality across the system, and by utilizing touch capacities decreased time to task and involvement of other peripherals to a minimum thus demonstrating the power of the Accelerator and the ingenuity of the customer UI capabilities of Surround Technologies.

The ease of using Accelerator brought NIM back to create a Job Scheduler, something they had wanted to do for years, but just didnt know how they could do it until they had the power of the Accelerator.

What do you do when you increase productivity? You show it off.

NIM used Accelerator to also deliver a mobile interface to the Scheduler so C-Level executives and other employees could see an up-to-the-second overview of operator jobs. The scheduler UI was conceptualized and created to support multi-device compatibility. To compliment the scheduler a dashboard UI, also optimized for multi-device support, was created to easily display common statistics and report information, print ready and easy to export.

NIM used the Accelerator to increase productivity, user satisfaction and reporting across the entire company. The Accelerator allowed them to develop more than they expected, faster than before with better results. That's we say when using Accelerator, you're developing smarter.

Example of NIM Processing Jobs User Interface Touch Enabled PopupProcessing Jobs User Interface
Example of NIM Processing Jobs User InterfaceProcessing Jobs User Interface
Example of NIM Jobs Scheduler ApplicationJob Scheduler Application

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