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International Cosmetics Retailer gets a makeover

A Large Cosmetics Retailer chose Accelerator to convert Excel based New Product Development worksheets to be a collaborative workflow integrated with their back end ERP system.


They saw a 6 Month ROI. And, that was just the  POC …

A Large Cosmetics Retailer with over 800 locations chose Accelerator to modernize existing green screen systems in a very limited time frame. Style and Elegance are a part of the corporate brand and a custom skin was designed to support this look and decrease time to task across the board.

Based on the success from the first project’s implementation the Large Cosmetics Retailer chose to revamp the buying and distribution using the power of the Accelerator as well. Similar to the initial project the retailer wanted to move away from using Excel spreadsheets and manual processes of interacting with colleagues. 

Accelerator was able to stream line what was multiple Excel spreadsheets being sent throughout offices nationwide into a single screen module controlled by user security roles to perform all of these functions with the ability for workflow implementation with their in house email system for alerts and notification.

This Technology has now been leveraged for many different projects

Simultaneously this retailer decided to simplify and increase functionality to their nationwide system of store display controls, which was as you can guess. An Excel spreadsheet. Accelerator was able to create another single screen module with advanced search and filtering functionality to accommodate their needs for thousands of stores (imagine that amount of data).

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