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Surround Technologies Announces Accelerator with Newlook Integration

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Press Release:
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Bloomfield, NJ — November 29, 2016 — Surround Technologies is excited to announce Accelerator’s integration with Newlook from Looksoftware, a division of Fresche Legacy, for its latest responsive desktop-style web application. Building upon the existing Accelerator with Newlook strategy for Windows, which provides options to reuse existing IBM i 5250 screens and RPG/Cobol code, users can now apply all the benefits of the Accelerator WPF technology in a responsive web and mobile user interface. The latest integration of Newlook into the Accelerator’s desktop-style web application leverages the latest in web development technology such as HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to create an intuitive interface accessible from any desktop or mobile device with a browser. It provides the ability to modernize your existing RPG or Cobol based system running on the IBM i or IBM System z with completely new well architected software all without writing any code or having to change any of the existing legacy system. Developers can then rewrite what matters most at a pace that makes good business sense. This helps the business achieve both short-term tactile needs and the long-term strategic goal.

The latest integration of Newlook into Accelerator by Surround Technologies answers customers’ needs for a desktop-style responsive web application for all your line-of-business needs, which allows those on the IBM to modernize their systems without boundaries, limits or wasting time. It allows the green screen to break out of its terminal and run on Windows, Macs, Linux, Chrome Books, iPhones, Android – anywhere there is a browser with no coding needed. The engine understands the labels, field layouts, function keys and other elements of your screen layout and replaces them in a friendly user interface with modern navigation, search and browsing capability. In minutes developers can generate a fully functional web application from green screens without the need to write a single line of HTML. Accelerator is now capable of providing developers super powers to rewrite or reuse existing code to create better software, faster than before, with more functionality for Windows, Web and Mobile devices – total coverage from a single source.

See included media for examples of a generated responsive line-of-business application using Accelerator’s Newlook Integration with no coding needed. To experience the newlook integration first hand download the Accelerator Version 7 Trial or visit live webinars and other events.

Accelerator Version 7 is available to try free for new users who want to start developing smarter – and creating software their users will love. The Free Trial along with a quick-start installation guide and support information can now be downloaded by visiting Release notes and upgrade support can be found by visiting the Surround Technologies Support Portal at . Accelerator allows for a range of options, from reusing code while building a rich user interface, to completely rebuilding systems, and everything in between. Additional Information can be found on or by requesting additional materials from Lee Paul, Media Contact for this release.

About Surround Technologies:
Surround Technologies is a software innovation business with solutions and services to substantially accelerate the development and delivery of state-of-the-art software for companies of all sizes and in any industry. Surround’s Accelerator Development Solutions is a complete suite of Open Frameworks and Tools that empower developers to Develop Faster, with Better Results, and More Functionality to deliver the software customers, employees, business partners, and vendors will love. The resulting systems allow for the seamless integration of .NET with IBM i or Windows servers to enhance user experience and productivity, and drive greater growth and profit for the business. Learn more at


Additional Media

Green screen in background dynamically displayed in responsive line-of-business web application in browser.Additional Media 1: Green screen in background dynamically displayed in responsive line-of-business web application in browser.
Accelerator-Web-with-newlook-preview-pane-pealed-back.pngAdditional Media 2: Accelerator-Web-with-newlook-preview-pane-pealed-back.png
Line-of-Business Customer Detail Record with Green Screen behind the scenesAdditional Media 3: Line-of-Business Customer Detail Record with Green Screen behind the scenes

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