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Surround Modernizes IBM i further with release of Accelerator for .NET Version 3.2

Friday, January 27, 2012

Press Release: Download (PDF 700KB)

Bloomfield, NJ – January 27, 2012  – Surround Technologies announces the release of its Accelerator™ for .NET version 3.2 available immediately, with features that provide even greater productivity to IBM i developers and users and functionality for business needs. The Accelerator™ Development Solutions includes support for IBM i, either natively or in combination with .NET, and contains an agile framework that generates SOA compliant applications without proprietary lock-ins. “We understand the urgency of businesses to develop new applications to support their business, and, in some cases, to modernize the legacy applications that aren’t keeping up with today’s demands. We continue to offer more features and functionality for the business, while staying true to our methodology that allows for fast development and better architecture,” said Lee Paul, CEO of Surround Technologies.

The addition of the features highlighted in this release began with existing clients. Derek Maciak, the firm’s CTO remarked, “The most exciting part of our engagements comes when we work closely with our clients to understand how they will use the applications they’re developing. While many choose to use the standard out-of-the-box features, our ability to create new custom features to meet their specific needs is an added benefit.”

Some of the newest features being released in this version include:

    Mobile Signature Capture
    Attachment Manager
    Accelerator PowerGrid
    Filter Functionality
    Multi Level TreeGrid

Mobile Signature Capture

The Mobile Signature Capture application is a device-independent web application built for use with touch based interfaces, such as iPad, iPhone, Android and more, allowing the capture and storage of customer signatures or other written input. This application can be controlled remotely from the desktop application, so that the desktop user can see what a particular tablet is doing and take over control when needed. The capture application is able to show content to users, and includes a control which lets the user sign their name or other text and send it to the desktop application, where it is converted to a PDF document and stored.

Attachment Manager

The Attachment Manager allows users to upload and attach files to specific records in their systems, to an application or application module, or to the system. The files are uploaded to a storage server where they are accessible from other devices and computers running the application. The plug-in can be added to any Accelerator-based application and used without any coding. Future releases of the Attachment Manager will allow managing and attaching websites, email addresses, and even other records together.

Accelerator PowerGrid Improvements

The new Accelerator PowerGrid enables flexible and powerful data grid capabilities, incorporating the ability to work with multiple items at the same time with an Excel-like familiarity in both user experience and interface. Some advanced features of Accelerator PowerGrid include:

    Grid support for data binding and Services Oriented Architecture
    Enhanced edit capabilities and cell at a time updates to the database
    Copy and paste  to and from an Excel spreadsheet and the Accelerator PowerGrid
    Copy and paste between rows or columns within the grid
    Mass auto creation of new grid row entries based on copied features of other rows
    Automatic user feedback of validation rules
    Dynamic column freezing
    Cell and row highlighting
    Many grid display and organization capabilities
    Loading options for desired scrolling and data manipulation 

The Accelerator Filter provides another way for a user to further narrow their search for necessary information with the added benefit of not losing or changing their current search result set. By finding the information quicker, they perform their task quicker. The Filter box is nested at the top right of all content windows and automatically filters the results as the user types, showing the user only what is relevant to their criteria. The current data set is filtered in memory and data that matches appears with the filter text highlighted; any records not matching the filter text are hidden from view. The Accelerator Filter includes the ability to use wild cards and can narrow their matches by single terms or phrases by grouping words with quotation marks. The window will reflect total number of records in the original data set and the number of records that match the filter criteria. Filtered results can be easily exported for reporting and other uses.

Multi-Level TreeGrid

The Accelerator Multi Level TreeGrid is the combination of standard Tree and Grid controls, expanding the features of both to allow the user to view hierarchical data in a grid-like structure. The grid data can be expanded or collapsed like a standard tree control and data can be sorted by column headers as would be expected in standard grid data. Rows which are logical children will be collapsed and expanded in tandem with their parent row(s). Multiple data columns can be defined and are horizontally aligned by default.

For more information and other features contact Surround.


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