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Surround Announces Support for LANSA Version 12.0

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOOMFIELD, NJ – March 10, 2010 – Surround Technologies now has Version 7.8 of Accelerator™ for Visual LANSA generally available. Version 7.8 includes full support for Visual LANSA 12.0.

Surround Technologies tests Accelerator™ for Visual LANSA with each LANSA release to continually and always support the latest LANSA version. “Many LANSA customers have come to rely on the productive frameworks from Surround. Our support of the latest LANSA release provides great value to them. They know that if we support it, then there applications will work as well saving them a significant amount of time and money in testing.” states Derek Maciak, CTO of Surround.

“Using a very structured approach to programming, Surround Technologies has built many tools that utilize the LANSA environment. Additionally, we continue to make tremendous strides in integration, especially with Microsoft Office, .Net development, and Azure Cloud technologies.” continues Maciak.

More information about Accelerator for Visual LANSA is available online at or through any of Surround’s offices.

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