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New Accelerator Version 6.0 is coming soon

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you need to modernize a monolithic legacy system?
Do you need to build new applications?
Do you need to deliver mobile solutions?
Do you need to gain control over your Web applications?

Accelerator has been changing the perspectives of developers, users and executives for years, building software faster and better than they ever could before. Version 6.0 will be available in February 2015. Get ready to change your perspective, again.

Create Websites and applications quickly and easily with the new Accelerator Content Management System, CMS. The Accelerator has always been a form of content management for developers to assemble line of business applications. These new enhancements puts the control of content in the hands of non-developers. This is a great addition for the line of business applications, but also provides the ability to create anything from static content websites to any kind of Web application.

Use our new Human Resources Job Management application to attract and recruit the right talent! With this plugin you can easily add job-board functionality to your software applications and web sites, manage the job openings, and streamline the process to identify the higher quality applicants that are right for the position. Accelerator Jobs Management Application saves time, reduces duplication, enhances consistency, and simplifies recruiting.

Streamline tasks through a new Work Queue application. This is the first part of our full Workflow Automation application due out later in the year. It provides the ability for items to be added to a work queue, manually by a person or automatically through software APIs. These items can then be reviewed and worked based on any combination of files such as type, priority or date.

Enhanced Document Management provides digital filing, sharing and management to upload, share, track, group, organize, use and reference any kind of document, file, or media. Authenticated users can upload files from any device and attach them to any record in your systems where they can be accessed by any other authorized users, streamlining processes and reducing users time looking for related documents

A new Job Monitor application provides the ability to schedule or submit jobs to run on a selected server as a background service. This is particularly useful for long running batch type jobs, jobs that need to be set to run on a particular schedule or jobs that need to be offloaded onto a specific server. Jobs may be submitted manually by person or automatically from virtually anywhere through software APIs. Job Monitors run as a background services on a server and process jobs as they are submitted to the Job Queue. Authorized users can monitor, pause and cancel Jobs as needed.

We added further Integration with Third Party controls to make it even faster and easier to plug them into your systems. There are a vast array of controls available for .NET that can be used to create very robust user experience. As an example, if you need to go beyond our standard grid control, then plug in the RadGridView from Telerik to get built in functionality for grouping with aggregate functions. This functionality allows for users to group the data by values and receive aggregations of the groups without any additional development effort.

More Details will be provided with the release next month.

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