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We Dreamt of Being Superheroes, Then Life Happened

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A great, short video about how we became Software Superheroes and the tool we created, Accelerator, that made it possible. You can become Software Superheroes too!


When we were young
We dreamt of being superheroes.
Then life happened.
Then work happened.
But that dream lived on.
So we figured out how to become Software Superheroes instead.
And we can help you become one too.
Introducing Accelerator from Surround Technologies.
It's a Responsive
Multi-platform, multi-device, end-to-end
Software Development and Modernization Tool
To make your life and your users life better.
You can generate Windows, Web, and Mobile applications
In minutes. Not Months.
Get started with your free trial today.
Visit or
Call us at tel +1 (239) 405-8427.

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