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Lecture Series: Software Development: The Business, the Developers and the Users.

Date:Thursday, April 5, 2012
Time:6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Venue: Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL | Academic 7 - Auditorium 114

Abstract. "Time to make the doughnuts." Many of you may remember Fred the Baker's famous catchphrase in the Dunkin Donuts 1980s ad campaigns and can relate to his plight to get up to go to work every morning because of a pure sense of responsibility. Computers systems like we have today are vastly more advanced than back then. And, at some point, for many this sense of responsibility has changed to dread and despair at the thought of going to work. Their jobs primarily in front of their computer fighting with the systems to get their daily work completed. There are many that say we may even be less productive with these systems than we once were. In some cases they may be right. Computer systems were all about the business, for the business and only to get the task done. They were there to serve the business. Then it became about the developers. What they could make the systems do, how fast the systems could do it. While driven by Business needs, IT wielded the power and the systems were there to do their bidding. But that is all changing. After all these years it is now changing quicker and quicker and we are in the midst of a major technology transformation where computer systems are there for the people that use them as a tool to more efficiently allow them to do their job in the way they are most comfortable and effective. Systems work on the platforms and in the way they choose. Most importantly, these systems can't get in our way. With all that technology can do for us today and all the different platforms, technologies and possibilities, creating this software may seem like an almost insurmountable challenge. The solution lies in the necessary and critical balance between the business (IT Investors), the business staff; partners; customers; community and audience (IT Consumers), IT Staff (IT Producers) and the plethora of vendors (IT Providers). Mastering this balance is the key to delivering this kind of software which is the key to changing how the world works.

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