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Fast and Easy Web Form Setup

Friday, October 1, 2021

Developer Tip

The form you’ve been dreaming of can now be whipped up in seconds. With the Accelerator Website CMS you can create custom Web Forms that integrate with email processing, Accelerator Workflow and your backend systems with ease. Surround has some general forms ready to go. However, your developers can create other and more advanced forms very easily. with just a few lines of markup, Website Administrators can add forms to their web pages and define which fields to use, their order, and whether or not they are required. It also declares actions to take when the form is submitted. Setting up forms for your sites has never been simpler - or more satisfying.

This is what Accelerator is all about – simplifying something that otherwise can be very complex to do and doing so in a way that there are absolutely no limitations or lock-in.

Check out the Surround Tech Support Portal support entry to read more about setting up forms fast and easy.

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